Buy directly from me

Just a real genuine guy who makes art and runs a business. Just warm and loving customer service.

You, your time, and money are valued. 

We don’t beat around the bush here. If you want something, it can be yours.

You aren’t just getting some flashy art that makes your walls look nice. You are getting art that’s not only extraordinary but meaningful. Art that’s made with nothing but love and spirit. And the person behind the art is an actual human being. 

Handcrafted by me

I produce everything on my own to ensure that that quality is never compromised and that your artwork is delivered to you in the best condition achievable.


If there is ever a mistake with your order, I'll send off another FREE OF CHARGE.

Everyone is family

Whenever you purchase from me, you can be sure that your service and hard-earned money is valued. You are family.


Black people are rarely ever valued. Especially when it comes to where they spend their money. I’ll say it again, WE DO THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENT HERE. So, everyone gets a free gift when they purchase from me.


(I know all of my customers don’t identify as Black but that doesn’t matter, if you buy from me you’re supporting ME (A Black artist). You’re family no matter what color you are. <3

There’s always something new!

I’m consistently creating new artwork for yall and the shop is updated as soon as a new piece is available. And there’s so much more to come!

But we all know talk is cheap so check out those reviews!

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