Hey yall! My name is Justin and I’m a Digital Artist From Baltimore, Maryland. (currently based in Richmond, VA). I’ve pretty much been making art my entire life but I started my professional art journey just 4 years ago! Visit the "My Story" section to read about me!


What I do


Well, I make art but I do things a little differently lol. 


The art I make is produced using a computer and a drawing tablet. I know that can sound a little weird being as digital art is still pretty new to the world but it’s still art! 


I discovered Digital Art around 5 years ago after a friend gave me my first drawing tablet for my birthday. I HATED it lol. It was so different from what I was used to. Pencil on paper was all I knew so looking at a computer screen and drawing on a tablet at the same time was a pretty weird feeling, but it gave me access to so many different colors and textures. I eventually fell in love with Digital Art/Painting. 


I want to make it clear that even though digital art and traditional art can differ, you still need to have drawing and painting skills to produce a polished body of work. You MUST learn the fundamentals and you need a solid foundation in art before you can tackle creating art using computer software. There are no shortcuts! You MUST know how to draw first to use a computer or any other electronic device to draw.


When I create a piece of artwork, I don’t use physical paint and a physical canvas like a traditional artist does. I create on a digital canvas and my completed piece comes in the form of a computer file. The file gets sent off to a printer and then I’m able to print my piece on a variety of different surfaces as a canvas print, tote bag, mug, tapestry, you name it! (But at the moment, I only offer prints and canvas prints. <3)


So as you can see, Digital Art and Traditional Art have a few differences, but some things remain the same.


  • You must have the skills and level of understanding of drawing and painting.

  • You must have the knowledge and experience with whatever tool you are using to create a polished piece of artwork. 

  • The computer WILL NOT draw or paint for you.



How I do it


I believe in working hard for your dreams and so that's what I do. I wake up early every day and I do the work. I dedicate my life to making beautiful art that represents Black people and becoming a master at what I do is my dream.


I do things a little differently because I see things a little differently.


Black people deserve the absolute best because we've been given shit for too long. We’ve been underrepresented for too long and with me, that ends. This is True Black Art. No bullshit. No fakes trying to slap on a “Black Art” stamp to make a profit. Just a young Black man who values and appreciates the beauty and culture of his people. This art is LOVE. This is art for the SPIRIT.


As I said before, I do things a little differently. 


I have no dreams of being part of the Gallery system. I have no dreams of signing deals with people who just want to profit off of Black Art. I have dreams of bringing people together and creating a space where Black people can feel safe and appreciated. 


Currently, I’m working on opening a building in Richmond, VA where my art is displayed EVERYWHERE. There will be good food. Good drink. Good art and music. And good fuckin people. And If you buy from me, you are supporting that dream. Much love and light and thank you for existing. <3