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I’m Justin - a Black ass digital painter, illustrator, and writer living in Richmond with my fine-ass wife, our beautiful baby boy, and our cat.

I spend my days making art, fighting racism and other oppressive shit, learning business stuff and how to be a better human, running my online store, creating worlds, and writing stories.

Creating brings me peace and offers me a sense of escape from the racist and oppressive society I wake up to daily.

Ever since I was a kid, my world has tried so hard to teach me that the people who look like me aren’t worthy, intelligent, beautiful, powerful, etc.

My art is an act of rebellion and with it, I aim to tell a different narrative. A narrative where Black folks are beautiful and powerful beyond measure.

My mission is to honor and celebrate Black people and culture through visual art and storytelling.

After experiencing my art, I want to leave the viewer feeling a sense of appreciation and adoration for themselves and be able to share those feelings with the people around them.

I hope that my art feels like a big ole hug to you and that you can feel all the love I pour into each piece. If not, I'll keep at it until I get it right!

Thank you so much for reading all this and as always,

Thank you for existing.

With love,


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